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A workplace that really works

Gather precise analytics to understand how and why people are using spaces, so you can proactively improve your workplace.


Better workspace real estate

Optimise your workplace by knowing exactly how many desks, huddle spaces and conference rooms are being used daily.


Remove the guesswork

No more double bookings, frustration and wasted time. Now you can see precisely where and when a space is free.


Improved communication

Access to relevant and helpful room data enables people to reserve rooms they may not have considered previously. Sound metrics also provide insights on how rooms can be better utilised and how more popular spaces can be created.


Conserve energy

Intelligent beacon technology can automatically adjust lighting and temperature controls when needed.


Real-time data collection

Every time a space is used data is gathered to show trends in behaviour. This data can then be used to suggest meeting spaces and recommendations based on profiles and preferences. It can also help predict when a floor or department might run out of space or need downsizing.

About us

We believe that well-run workplaces benefit massively from mindful technology that reacts intuitively to the people working and moving inside. Inspiring spaces that have been carefully designed to bring people together - as and when they need to - will ultimately help create a pleasant, frictionless environment. A place where people can be happier, healthier and more productive.

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