yrspace features - Space management

Space Management

Manage meeting places to optimise available spaces.

yrspace features - Visitor check-in

Visitor Check-in

Say goodbye to reception visitor books with bespoke, digital check-in screens.

yrspace features - Wayfinding


Reach your destination quickly using smart, interactive indoor maps.

yrspace features - wellness


Timely reminders for productive teams.

yrspace features - Beacons and sensors

Beacons & Sensors

Cutting-edge technology provides real-time building management.

yrspace features - Insights and Analytics

Insight & Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of how your space is being utilised.

Flightboards & Room Displays

Real-time office space availability is showcased on large state-of-the-art OLED screens throughout the building and outside meeting rooms.

Human Analytics

Soon, yrspace will be able to recognise who’s in a meeting - and even work out what mood they’re in. All captured simply and beautifully on the yrspace internal dashboard.


The yrspace platform integrates seamlessly with Office365, Outlook, Exchange 2010+, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Booking, and Google G Suite.

Secure platform

yrspace is hosted on Microsoft Azure - a secure platform for any organisation.

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